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Jesse (Supaman) Nichols was born in Augusta, GA in 1989. He grew up close by, in Beech Island, SC. Jesse’s interest in computers started at an early age when his parents bought their first PC. Unaware of the PC’s ability to do anything other than word processing, Jesse’s parents were shocked to find him playing games on their computer! From there, he began to explore the computer and subsequently, the internet.

In the early days, Jesse explored sites like Angelfire.com and built his first website, a Dragon Ball Z fan page, at the age of nine. His love of computers continued to expand as Myspace.com took a firm grasp of the internet community. This is where Jesse got his first exposure to basic HTML. His love for computers and design grew throughout high school.

One of the most exciting careers that Jesse ever explored was when he worked for an Apple Store in Augusta, GA. His exposure to Apple products and design forever changed the way that he designed websites. Eventually, this prompted him to create iOEssence, a framework designed to bring clean, accessible design to everyone.

Jesse is married to Amanda Nichols and resides in North Augusta, SC. He is currently working as a web developer for Ocozzio Inc. in Augusta, GA.

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