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Everyone loves email! Oh, wait. That’s right! Nobody loves email! Am I right? Do you love it? Of course not! In fact, for many of us, email is the Bane of our existence!

Picture of Bane holding an iPad

Hang his Inbox for the world to see!

The plan of Mailbox is to get you to what it refers to as “Inbox Zero” every day. As a former Apple employee, I can’t tell you how often I saw someone bring their iPhone into the Genius Bar with 1000+ unread emails. That is pure insanity! I get annoyed if I have a SINGLE unchecked notification on my iPhone. Needless to say, seeing over 1000 unread emails in someone’s inbox made me want to punish them.

Picture of an adult scolding a child

Check your email!

How well does Mailbox accomplish this task? Well… Let’s find out together.

The Dirty

Mailbox opens to a setup screen, where you can set Mailbox up for your email addresses. For those of you who signed up for the initial launch of Mailbox, this is a welcome change from the 800,000 person waiting list. It was probably the first App with a line as long as the iPhone launch itself!

Apple Store Launch Line

The concept of the App is great! It truly helped me get rid of all of my emails in a timely manner! The opening tutorial is very informative and I was up and running in no time. The idea is that you manage your email the way that you manage a to-do list and I love to-do lists! (maybe a little too much sometimes…)

Overly Attached Girlfriend

When an email comes in, much like a to-do list, you decide how you are going to handle it. Obviously, you can choose to read it immediately. Then, you can either archive it (with a quick swipe to the right) or put it in a Mailbox “List”, basically a folder (This is done with a long swipe to the left). If you don’t need the email at all, you can delete it (with a long swipe to the right). Most impressive, however, is the ability to defer the Mail to later (with a short swipe to the left). The email will return to your inbox later (when  you specify).

Now, I know what you’re thinking. There ‘s no downside to this marvelous App! Well, that’s why we don’t pay you to think! If it makes you feel any better, we don’t pay me either.

The way that Mailbox moves the messages into the various folders and sub folders associated with the Mailbox App make for a little confusion when managing email from a desktop (or basically anything other than the Mailbox App). Once you discover how it works, it’s not so bad. But, it makes your heart skip a few beats when you think you can’t search your archived email on your computer.

Defibrillator Paddles


There is one other major flaw to this mail client: email support. Currently, Mailbox only supports Gmail and iCloud. So if you are a user of any other mail client (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc), you are out of luck! This, to me, is probably the biggest mistake that a mail client App can make.

Final Thoughts

App Store Junkie Rating:

4 Stars


I’m calling this one just a bit overrated in the App Store. The higher ranking is most likely due to the fact that most iPhone owners have either a Gmail or an iCloud email address and are not experiencing the complete uselessness of the App that other users (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) will face.

Overall, Mailbox is a fantastic App! The functionality is great and many people seem to love it! If we were only judging the App based on its functionality, we might have a 5 star App on our hands. However, the glaring omission of email client support is a detractor here. Even in an email App’s infancy, email support should be at the top of the to-do list. Mailbox picks up 4 out of 5 stars!

You can download the App for FREE here.


Jesse (Supaman) Nichols is a web designer. He lives a blissfully happy life with his wife in North Augusta, SC.

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