Cycloramic Studio 360 Panorama

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A revolutionary new way to take panoramic photos and videos, HANDSFREE!

Price: $1.99

App Store Rating: 3 / 5 Stars (41 Reviews)


Cycloramic is an extremely unique app from Egos Ventures. Though it was originally released on December 12, 2012, it was not until it appeared on ABC’s hit pitch show, Shark Tank, that I even knew of this App’s existence! But if there’s one thing that I have learned in life, it’s that you can only trust about 96% of what you see on TV (or so I heard on TV).


Within an hour of the deal struck with Mark Cuban in “the Tank”, Cycloramic had gained 100,000 new downloads! But, what is this App really made of? Well, I’d be happy to tell you what I found out!

The Dirty

The App opens to a beautiful intro video and tutorial that gives you the gist of how to use the App. The controls were a little intimidating right out of the gate, but it only took a few minutes for me to figure it out and I was off to the races!

Now, I could spend time elaborating on the standard photo features that thousands of other Apps have, but do you really care? Seriously… Do you? Of course not!

Naturally, I could only care about what you care about, the “Handsfree Photo Capture”. In case you didn’t catch that episode of Shark Tank, the creators claim to have made an app that will use the phone’s vibration and gyroscope to rotate your phone and snap a full 360 degree panoramic photo by itself!

Cycloramic on Shark Tank

The introductory tutorial recommends using the “Handsfree Photo Capture” on a smooth level surface (glass and granite tops work best). So, being a fairly intelligent human, I decided to test it on one of the recommended surfaces first.

I set it on my glass table and my wife and I watched in awe as my phone became possessed by the Cycloramic Photo Demon and begun to move on its own!

iPhone Demon

The Power of Christ Compels You!

It was really cool! The picture came out flawless. I repeated the process on a granite counter with similar results. Both times the pictures looked great! It is at this point that I wanted to track down the App developers (in a totally non-stalker kind of way) and shake their hands!

I have never seen a phone do something this great (particularly something that was not part of the design of the phone, but rather a manipulation of the phone’s features to achieve greatness).

After that, I figured I might as well try it on some other surfaces (wood, carpet, lava, etc.).

iPhone Lava Test

Alas! This is where the App failed us! Not in the lava test (it faired surprisingly well in the lava test), but on the wood surfaces (99% of tables for example). Luckily, I have a glass coffee table, so this was not a big deal for me, unless I want to take panoramic photos of anything outside of my home. I don’t get out much. So, this isn’t a deal breaker for me! But be aware, this App fails on just about any surface that is not glass or granite.

Final Thoughts

App Store Junkie Rating: 

5 Stars


I feel that it is important to rate an App based on what it is trying to accomplish. The developers did not pick the materials for the iPhone’s construction, so they have no control over that. I could easily say that this App is terrible because it can only perform on certain surfaces. I could also get upset that Angry Birds does not deliver bacon to my door for each pig that I slaughter, but that would be silly.

Dear Bacon Nazis

Instead, I am going to judge this App on its ingenuity, uniqueness, and “wow” factor! The App does what it claims to do (on the surfaces it claims to do it on) and has done something that no App developer has ever done before! For that, I give this App a 5 / 5 star rating!

You can download the app for $1.99 here.


Jesse (Supaman) Nichols is a web designer. He lives a blissfully happy life with his wife in North Augusta, SC.

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